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Commercial, Small Business, or Residential internet service!

Centurylink is a provider of local telephone, internet, and TV service in many rural and metro areas. CenturyLink offers Prism TV in select areas and bundles with Direct TV in others for a complete triple play bundle solution! Whether you need internet so the kids can do their homework or phone and internet for your small business, we have you covered!

CenturyLink Home Phone 
Order a CenturyLink home phone and get the security you can't get get with a voip phone or a cell phone. Do you have bad reception? A Centurylink  home phone will work anywhere with crystal clear sound! Need to make long distance calls? CenturyLink offers unlimited long distance to anywhere in the US or Canada as well as competitive international long distance plans!

Centurylink High Speed Internet.
Get internet speeds up to 1 gig in some areas. Gig service is the fastest anywhere. It's so fast, it's almost years ahead of the competition. With 1 gig internet service, you will be able to download movies in a split second or power a call center!

Other speeds include 100 mbps.
With 100 Mbps, it's perfect for a large office. You will be able to connect virtually an unlimited number of devices with 100 meg.

20-40 Mbps - perfect for the typical family. You will be able to stream Netflix on multiple devices in HD quality while  browsing the web on smart phones and tablets at the same time. It is a perfect solution for gaming. 

12 Mbps - You can easily steam Netlfix and online game with thi speed and browse the web on multiple devices.

1.5 - 7 mbps. The 1.5 is the basic level internet and it's good for browsing the web. It is not recommended for Netflix. 7 Mbps can stream Netflix but probably not on multiple devides.

CenturyLink offers a modem with a built in router so you will never have to buy your own router again. With a Centurylink modem, you can connect to a virtually unlimited number of devices through Wi-Fi. Example. Let's say you have 4 smart TV's, an Xbox, a PC, 3 laptops, and 2 smart phones. You would be able to connect all of these devices to your home network at the same time. With the faster speeds, you could easily run all of these at the same time.